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Baladiyah (Arabic: بلدية‎) is a type of Arabic administrative division that can be translated as "district", "sub-district"[1] or "municipality".[2] The plural is baladiyat (Arabic: بلديات‎). Grammatically, it is the feminine of بلدي "rural, country-, folk-".

The Arabic term amanah (أمانة) is also used for "municipality".[3]

Arab countries


Specific set Note
Communes of Algeria Refer to tertiary level administration divisions.
Municipalities of Lebanon Refer to tertiary level administration divisions.
Municipalities of Qatar Top level
Baladiyat of Libya Pre-1995 and post-2013
Municipalities of Damascus



In Turkish, the word belediye (definite accusative belediyesi), which is a loan from Arabic, means "municipality" or "city council".

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