Coahuilteco language

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Native toMexico, United States
RegionCoahuila, Texas
EthnicityQuems, Pajalat, etc.
Extinctnot attested after 18th century
Hokan ?
  • Pajalat
Language codes
ISO 639-3xcw
Coahuilteco lang.png
Coauhuilteco language
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Coahuilteco was one of the Pakawan languages that was spoken in southern Texas (United States) and northeastern Coahuila (Mexico). It is now extinct.


Coahuilteco was grouped in an eponymous Coahuiltecan family by John Wesley Powell in 1891, later expanded by additional proposed members by e.g. Edward Sapir. Ives Goddard later treated all these connections with suspicion, leaving Coahuilteco as a language isolate . Manaster Ramen (1996) argues Powell's original more narrow Coahuiltecan grouping is sound, renaming it Pakawan in distinction from the later more expanded proposal.



  Bilabial Inter-
Alveolar Post-
Palatal Velar Glottal
plain labial
Nasal m   n          
Plosive plain p   t     k  
ejective       kʷʼ (ʔ)
Affricate plain     ts        
ejective     tsʼ tʃʼ        
Fricative   (θ) s ʃ   x h
Approximant plain     l   j   w  


  Front Central Back
Close i / iː   u / uː
Mid e / eː   o / oː
Open   a / aː  

Coahuilteco has both short and long vowels.[2]

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