Harvard Political Review

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Harvard Political Review
Harvard Political Review - Winter 2012.jpg
Spring 2016 issue
CategoriesPolitics, social issues, culture
Frequency4 per year
FounderAl Gore[1]
Year founded1969
First issueApril 10, 1969; 51 years ago (1969-04-10)
CompanyHarvard Institute of Politics
Based inCambridge, Massachusetts

The Harvard Political Review is a quarterly, nonpartisan American magazine and website on politics and public policy founded in 1969 at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It covers both domestic and international affairs and political events, as well as political discourse at Harvard. It also conducts interviews with political figures and experts. It is a publication of the Harvard Institute of Politics,[2] and is written, edited and managed entirely by Harvard undergraduates, and accepts submissions from all students at Harvard College "regardless of concentration, experience, or political leaning."[3]



The magazine was founded in 1969 by a group of Harvard undergraduates, including Al Gore,[1] as a publication that allowed students to research, write, and edit political commentary in a thoughtful, non-partisan forum. To this day, the HPR does not take magazine-wide editorial positions. While individual articles have distinct viewpoints, the magazine as a whole does not represent any ideology or party.

The magazine was formed during the era of student protests in the late 1960s, and witnessed several leadership and format changes in its first few years of existence.[4] At times it has had to fight for its editorial independence.[5] In recent years, HPR writers have won the National Press Club Award for Outstanding College Political Writing.[citation needed]


Today it is written, edited, and managed entirely by undergraduates at Harvard. The Harvard Political Review also operates a daily website.[6]

The magazine is known for its in-depth interviews with prominent political figures. In addition to interviews, book reviews, humor pieces, and general coverage of domestic and world affairs, each issue features a number of articles organized around a central theme or topic.[citation needed]

Since the fall of 2010, the magazine has published an annual report on the U.S. federal budget.[7] Its editors have been featured on Fox News[8] and the Huffington Post.[9][10]

Notable alumni

Other notable HPR alumni include:

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