Kiribati–United States relations

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Kiribati – United States relations
Map indicating locations of Kiribati and USA


United States

Kiribati – United States relations are bilateral relations between Kiribati and the United States.


Following its independence in 1979, Kiribati signed a treaty of friendship with the United States.[1] The United States Department of State characterizes U.S.–Kiribati relations as "excellent", as of 2009.[1] Diplomatic relations are conducted by the I-Kiribati Ambassador to the United States. The United States has no consular or diplomatic facilities in the country. Officers of the American Embassy in Suva, Fiji, are concurrently accredited to Kiribati and make periodic visits.[1] The U.S. Peace Corps, an independent United States federal agency, had maintained a program in Kiribati since 1967. However, the Corps announced plans to pull out of Kiribati in November 2008 after 35 years of working in the country.[2] Michael Koffman, the Peace Corps Country Director for Kiribati, cited the frequently cancelled and erratic air service in the country as the main reason the Peace Corps was leaving Kiribati.[2]


Principal U.S. Embassy Officials include:

The U.S. Embassy responsible for Kiribati is located in Suva, Republic of the Fiji Islands.

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  • "Secretary Clinton on Amelia Earhart". 20 March 2012. Retrieved 2013-06-08. I especially want to welcome Tessie Lambourne, the Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Immigration of the Republic of Kiribati. [She]...and her husband David...traveled three days to get here for this wonderful event. (Applause.)


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