Mirek Topolánek's Second Cabinet

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Mirek Topolánek's Second Cabinet
Coat of arms of the Czech Republic.svg
17th Cabinet of Czech Republic
9 January 2007 - 8 May 2009
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Date formed9 January 2007
Date dissolved8 May 2009
People and organisations
Head of stateVáclav Klaus
Head of governmentMirek Topolánek
No. of ministers18
Member partyODS
Status in legislatureMajority (coalition)
100 / 200 (50%)
Opposition partyČSSD
Opposition leaderJiří Paroubek
Election(s)2006 Czech legislative election
Incoming formation2007
Outgoing formation2009
PredecessorMirek Topolánek's First Cabinet
SuccessorJan Fischer's Cabinet

The Government of the Czech Republic since January 9, 2007 was formed by a coalition of the victorious Civic Democratic Party (ODS, 9 seats) with the small Christian and Democratic Union - Czechoslovak People's Party (KDU-ČSL, 5 seats) and the Green Party (SZ, 4 seats). It had 18 members; initially four of the appointed ministers were women but two subsequently resigned and were replaced with men. On 24 March 2009, during the Czech presidency of the European Union, Topolánek's second cabinet suffered defeat in a parliamentary vote of no confidence, 101–96, in the 200-seat lower house.[1] Prime minister Topolánek stated that he would resign.[1]

Members of the Cabinet

Portfolio Minister Political party In Office
Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek ODS
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister for European Affairs
Alexandr Vondra ODS
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Labour and Social Affairs
Petr Nečas ODS
First Deputy Prime minister Vlasta Parkanová KDU-ČSL 23 January 2009 – 8 May 2009
Jiří Čunek KDU-ČSL 9 January 2007 – 13 November 2007
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of the Environment
Martin Bursík SZ
Minister of Interior Ivan Langer ODS
Minister of Industry and Trade Martin Říman ODS
Minister of Justice Jiří Pospíšil ODS
Minister of Transportation Petr Bendl ODS 23 January 2009 – 8 May 2009
Aleš Řebíček ODS 9 January 2007 – 23 May 2009
Minister of Health Daniela Filipiová ODS
Tomáš Julínek ODS
Minister of Agriculture Petr Gandalovič ODS
Minister of Finance Miroslav Kalousek KDU-ČSL
Minister of Culture Václav Jehlička KDU-ČSL
Helena Třeštíková KDU-ČSL
Minister of Defence Vlasta Parkanová KDU-ČSL
Minister without Portfolio Pavel Svoboda KDU-ČSL
Cyril Svoboda KDU-ČSL
Minister of Foreign Affairs Karel Schwarzenberg non-partisan for SZ
Minister of Education, Youth and Physical training Ondřej Liška SZ 4 December 2007 – 8 May 2009
Dana Kuchtová SZ 9 January 2007 – 4 October 2007
Minister of Regional development Cyril Svoboda KDU-ČSL
Jiří Čunek KDU-ČSL
Minister without Portfolio
(Human rights and minorities)
Michael Kocáb non-partisan for SZ
Džamila Stehlíková SZ

Vote of No Confidence

Czech Republic Government vote of No Confidence
LocationChamber of Deputies
Date24 March 2009
Votes %
Yes 101 51.27%
No 96 48.73%
Valid votes 197 100.00%
Invalid or blank votes 0 0.00%
Total votes 197 100.00%
52 signatures are needed for calling a vote of no confidence.

A vote of no confidence in the government was held on 24 March 2009.[2] It was the first time since the dissolution of Czechoslovakia that Czech government had lost a vote of No Confidence.[3] Vote was held during Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2009.[4]

101 MPs voted for the motion of No Confidence. Some MPs from the governing coalition voted for the motion, including Vlastimil Tlustý, Jan Schwippel, Věra Jakubková and Olga Zubová.[5] cabinet of Jan Fischer was appointed in May 2009.[6]


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