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☑Y All tests passed.

Name Expected Actual
☑Y testBlankStringDefaultSet
☑Y testBlankStringNoDefault
☑Y testFalse
☑Y testFalseDefaultPrecedence
☑Y testFalseText
☑Y testFalseTextCaps
☑Y testFalseTextDefaultPrecedence
☑Y testFunctionDefaultSet
☑Y testFunctionNoDefault
☑Y testN
☑Y testNCaps
☑Y testNDefaultPrecedence
☑Y testNil
☑Y testNilDefaultPrecedence
☑Y testNo
☑Y testNoCaps
☑Y testNoDefaultPrecedence
☑Y testNumberDefaultSet
☑Y testNumberNoDefault
☑Y testOne
☑Y testOneDefaultPrecedence
☑Y testOneText
☑Y testOneTextConversion
☑Y testOneTextDefaultPrecedence
☑Y testStringDefaultSet
☑Y testStringNoDefault
☑Y testTableDefaultSet
☑Y testTableNoDefault
☑Y testTrue
☑Y testTrueDefaultPrecedence
☑Y testTrueText
☑Y testTrueTextCaps
☑Y testTrueTextDefaultPrecedence
☑Y testY
☑Y testYCaps
☑Y testYDefaultPrecedence
☑Y testYes
☑Y testYesCaps
☑Y testYesDefaultPrecedence
☑Y testZero
☑Y testZeroDefaultPrecedence
☑Y testZeroText
☑Y testZeroTextConversion
☑Y testZeroTextDefaultPrecedence
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