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Peachtree Center, including the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel (far left) and the Atlanta Marriott Marquis (far right)

Peachtree Center is a district located in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Most of the structures that make up the district were designed by Atlanta architect John C. Portman, Jr. A defining feature of the Peachtree Center is a network of enclosed pedestrian sky bridges suspended above the street-level, which have garnered criticism for discouraging pedestrian street life.[1] The district is served by the Peachtree Center MARTA station, providing access to rapid transit.


Skywalks are a defining feature of Peachtree Center

Intended to be the new downtown for Atlanta, Peachtree Center emerged as a distinct district in the early 1970s as a networked realm of convention hotels, shopping galleries, and office buildings a quarter-mile north of Five Points. Peachtree Center is notable for its uniform embodiment of the modern architectural style popular at the time. Yet the defining feature of Peachtree Center is its insular orientation, which allows patrons and workers to avoid interacting with the street level by traversing the area through sky bridges. By the mid-1980s, Peachtree Center had become the core of a dedicated hotel-convention district that lay at the heart of the Downtown economy, even as the remainder of Downtown Atlanta deteriorated markedly.[2]

While at the time Peachtree Center was considered the salvation of a decaying downtown Atlanta, contemporary city planning is highly critical of such insular environments that "turn their back" on the city streets.[3] Thus, as intown Atlanta began its post-1990 resurgence, Peachtree Center was increasingly criticized as an area that epitomized contemporary Atlanta's generic urbanity and sense of placelessness.[4] Other critics claim that Peachtree Center is disorienting, killed downtown street-life, and disregarded the existing urban context.[5]

The center was recognized for its architecture with listing on the National Register of Historic Places in 2018.[6]


Sacred Heart Catholic Church, located on Peachtree Center Avenue
The beige buildings of Peachtree Center
Name Height Floors Year Notes
Peachtree Center Tower
230 Peachtree Street
116 m (381 ft) 31 floors 1965 [7][8]
Peachtree Center North (Gas Light Tower)
235 Peachtree Street
101 m (331 ft) 27 floors 1968 [9][10]
Peachtree Center South
225 Peachtree Street
101 m (331 ft) 27 floors 1970 [11][12]
Hyatt Regency Atlanta 104 m (341 ft) 24 floors 1967 [13][14]
Harris Tower
233 Peachtree Center NE
116 m (381 ft) 31 floors 1974 [15][16]
Peachtree Center International Tower (Cain Tower)
229 Peachtree Street NE
115 m (377 ft) 30 floors 1976 [17][18]
Marquis One
245 Peachtree Center NE
115 m (377 ft) 30 floors 1985 [19][20]
Marquis Two
285 Peachtree Center NE
115 m (377 ft) 30 floors 1989 [21][22]
Peachtree Athletic Club
227 Courtland Street NE
9 floors 1985 [23]
Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel
210 Peachtree Street NW
220.5 m (723 ft) 73 floors 1976
Atlanta Marriott Marquis
265 Peachtree Center Avenue NE
169 m (554 ft) 52 floors 1985
Various Addresses
Various Heights 1961, 1979, 1992, 2008
SunTrust Plaza
303 Peachtree Street NE
265 m (869 ft) 60 floors 1992
American Cancer Society Center
250 Williams Street NW
10 floors 1989


The U.S. Census Bureau has its Atlanta Regional Census Center in Suite 1000 in the Marquis Two Tower.[24] Several additional U.S. Government agencies have their southeast regional offices located in the Harris Tower, including the Department of Transportation, Department of Labor, Small Business Administration, and Internal Revenue Service.

The Consulate-General of Argentina is located in Suite 2101 in the Marquis One Tower.[25][26] The Consulate-General of Germany is located in Suite 901 of the Marquis Two Tower.[27] The Consulate-General of South Korea is located in Suite 500 in the International Tower.[28]


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