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Photograph of a helicopter hovering above ocean with the Apollo 10 capsule and astronauts floating nearby
Helicopter 66 during the Apollo 10 recovery in 1969

Photograph of a mountainous skyline depicting the Taapaca volcanic complex with the town of Purte in the bottom-left corner
Taapaca complex in Chile

Photograph of snowy mountain peaks with a hiker in the bottom-left atop grassy terrain
Cascade Pass in the U.S. state of Washington's North Cascades National Park

Black-and-white portrait photograph of Willy Brandt in a suit and tie
Willy Brandt, one of the Chancellors of the Federal Republic of Germany, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1971.

Illustration of two maps displaying a summary of the 2006 Pacific hurricane season as provided by NOAA, which depicts activity off the western coast of Mexico
2006 Pacific hurricane season

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