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U.S. Route 425 marker

U.S. Route 425
Route information
Length220 mi[citation needed] (354 km)
Existed1989 (extended north in 2002,[citation needed] south in 2005[citation needed])–present
Major junctions
South end US 61 / US 84 at Natchez, MS
  I-20 at Rayville, LA
North end I-530 / US 63 / US 65 / US 79 at Pine Bluff, AR
StatesMississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas
Highway system

U.S. Route 425 (US 425) is a north–south United States highway, first commissioned in 1989. Its route number is a "violation" of the usual AASHTO numbering scheme, as it comes nowhere near its implied "parent", US 25.

The route's northern terminus is in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, at an interchange with Interstate 530/U.S. Route 63/U.S. Route 65/U.S. Route 79/US 65B/AR 190. Until 2005, its southern terminus was in Bastrop, Louisiana, at an intersection with U.S. Route 165. In 2005, it was extended to Natchez, Mississippi, at an intersection with U.S. Route 61.[1]

US 425 is an amalgamation of former state highways. Most of US 425 in Louisiana, for example, is merely a concurrency with LA 15.

Route description


The southern terminus of US 425 is at a signalized intersection with US 61 and US 84 in Natchez. The route travels northwest through the city concurrent with US 84 to the Natchez–Vidalia Bridge, along which the two routes cross the Mississippi River into Louisiana.


After entering Louisiana, the concurrency with US 84 continues for approximately 14 miles to Ferriday. US 425 then splits and heads northeast, running concurrently with LA 15 through mostly farmland and small towns. Just north of Clayton is the southern terminus of US 65. Passing through Winnsboro the highways split at Archibald. LA 15 continues northwest to Monroe, LA while US 425 heads north to Rayville where it crosses I-20. At Mer Rouge, it intersects US 165 and the two highways run concurrent to Bastrop, LA. A few miles north of Bastrop, US 425 crosses into Arkansas south of Crossett.


Along US 425 north of Star City

The route enters Arkansas near Rawls and runs north through rural Ashley County. Highway 425 forms a concurrency with US 82 east of Crosett, with the two routes running north through farmland and trees to Hamburg, the county seat of Ashley County. In Hamburg, the routes are joined by Highway 8, which runs east and west across the southern part of the state.[2] North of the junction, the three routes pass the First United Methodist Church and historic properties within the Hamburg Commercial Historic District before US 82 turns east at St. Louis Street and US 425/AR 8 run north out of Hamburg. Passing more agricultural land, Highway 8 turns west in Fountain Hill just before the Drew County line.

Further north US 425 intersects Highway 133 in Lacey and Highway 172 before entering Monticello. The highway serves the University of Arkansas at Monticello in the southern part of town, also passing the Monticello Elementary School. US 425 intersects University Drive and continues north as a four–lane road. There is an interchange with Jordan Drive (AR 83S), after which US 425 enters residential Monticello.[3] The route now curves to the west side of town, with Main Street (AR 83) serving downtown Monticello. Highway 83 was the previous alignment of AR 13, which US 425 replaced upon designation in 1989. There are plans to bypass Monticello even more efficiently as part of Interstate 69's extension into Arkansas.

US 425, now four–lane with center turn lane format,[4] intersects US 278/Highway 35 at a busy intersection. Highway 35 forms a short concurrency north with US 425, which proceeds north and out of Monticello. After AR 35 turns west, Highway 425 has many rural junctions with county routes. Upon entering Lincoln County, the route passes the historic Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church in Relfs Bluff and the Parker House before entering Star City. Downtown, the highway forms a concurrency with Highway 11, which ends near the Lincoln County Courthouse and the Star City Commercial Historic District. The highway continues north through rural areas before intersecting US 65 in Jefferson County. US 65/US 425 run concurrent west to a high–volume interchange with I-530/US 63/US 79/US 65B/AR 190, where US 425 terminates.


In Arkansas, US 425 replaced the southern half of Arkansas Highway 13, which was an original state highway in the area. The route is essentially the same as it was at inception in the 1926 state highway plan, connecting the major cities in its area of southeast Arkansas. Highway 13 now runs in north central Arkansas. Most of US Route 425 was repaved in 2010 within Ashley County.[4]

Louisiana Highway 137

Louisiana Highway 137
LocationMorehouse and Richland Parishes
Length18.08 mi (29.10 km)

Louisiana Highway 137 (LA 137) was a state highway in Louisiana that serves Richland Parish and Morehouse Parish. It spanned 18.08 miles (29.10 km) in a south to north direction. LA 137 is now signed as U.S. 425 for its entire length.

From the south, LA 137 began as a state highway at an intersection with LA 15 north of Mangham in the small town of Archibald. It went north and intersected LA 584 before intersecting LA 135.

Passing under I-20, LA 137 met LA 3048 in the town of Rayville. After intersecting US 80, LA 137 entered Morehouse Parish, continuing north as a two-lane road until it swapped the U.S. 425 designation with LA 133.

LA 137 is a divided, four-lane highway south of Rayville, a pair of two one-way roads inside of Rayville, and an undivided, two-lane road north of Rayville. Before the 1955 renumbering, LA 137 was State Route 47 from Archibald to Rayville. The current routing for LA 137 did not exist, and travelers had to take US 80 west, then State Route 47 (Current LA 133) to Oak Ridge.

LA 137 was removed from the state highway system in 2005, when US 425 was extended south to Mississippi. It is still signed, however, as LA 137 and US 425.

Major intersections

MississippiAdamsNatchez US 61 / US 84 east / US 98 east / Trace Town Drive – Vicksburg, Brookhaven, Woodville, Baton Rouge, Airportsouth end of US 84 / US 61 Bus. overlap
Homochitto Street (MS 928 / US 61 Bus. north) - Downtown Natcheznorth end of US 61 Bus. overlap
Mississippi RiverNatchez-Vidalia Bridge
LouisianaConcordiaVidalia LA 131
Taconey LA 3180 (J. Logan Sewell Drive)
LA 3196
LA 3232
Ferriday US 84 west / LA 15 south / LA 568 – Jonesvillenorth end of US 84 overlap; south end of LA 15 overlap
LA 903 – Lake Concordia, Lake St. John
Clayton US 65 north – Newellton, Tallulah, Lake Providence, Lake Bruin State Park
LA 566
Tensas RiverTensas River Lift Bridge
CatahoulaLee Bayou LA 567
Foules LA 921
Sicily Island LA 8
Peck LA 913
LA 3148
FranklinWisner LA 562south end of LA 562 overlap
LA 562north end of LA 562 overlap
LA 875
Gilbert LA 128south end of LA 128 overlap
LA 572
LA 128north end of LA 128 overlap
LA 3210
LA 3210
Winnsboro LA 3201
LA 864
LA 865
LA 4south end of LA 4 overlap
LA 4 / LA 17 / LA 130north end of LA 4 overlap
LA 868
LA 867
Baskin LA 577
LA 857
RichlandMangham LA 132south end of LA 132 overlap
LA 132north end of LA 132 overlap
Archibald LA 856
LA 15 northnorth end of LA 15 overlap; south end of LA 137 overlap
LA 584south end of LA 584 overlap
LA 584north end of LA 584 overlap
Rayville LA 135 – Alto
I-20 – Monroe, VicksburgI-20 exit 138
LA 3048 east
US 80
Morehouse LA 133 south – Girardnorth end of LA 137 overlap; south end of LA 133 overlap
Oak Ridge LA 134 – Collinston, Monroesouth end of LA 134 overlap
LA 134 – Eppsnorth end of LA 134 overlap
LA 3051 – Horseshoe Lake
Mer Rouge LA 2 east – Oak Grovenorth end of LA 133 overlap; south end of LA 2 overlap
US 165 north / LA 138 – Collinston, Bonitasouth end of US 165 overlap
Bastrop LA 830-3 (Peach Orchard Road)
LA 3051
LA 830-4 (Cooperlake Road)
LA 830-6 (McCreight Street)
LA 830-5 (Elm Street)
US 165 south / LA 2 west (West Madison) / LA 139 south / LA 593 south (South Washington)north end of US 165 / LA 2 overlap; south end of LA 593 overlap
LA 830-1 (Harrington Avenue)
LA 593 north (Bonner Ferry Road) – Bussey Brake Reservoirnorth end of LA 593 overlap
LA 830-3 (Cherry Ridge Road)
LA 830-2
LA 830-6
Log Cabin LA 140
LA 593 – Bussey Brake Reservoir
LA 142 – Crossett, AR
LA 1257 – Chemin-A-Haut State Park
LA 590
ArkansasAshley9.415.1 US 82 west / AR 52 east – Crossett, El Doradosouth end of US 82 overlap
12.019.3 AR 52 west – North Crossett, UAM College of Technology-Crossett
Hamburg15.725.3 AR 189 west (West Jackson Street)
16.025.7 AR 8 east (East Parker Street) – Parkdale, Overflow NWRsouth end of AR 8 overlap
16.226.1 AR 189 north (West Washington Street) to AR 133
16.326.2 US 82 east – Lake Villagenorth end of US 82 overlap
Fountain Hill25.541.0 AR 8 west to AR 133 south – Johnsville, Crossettnorth end of AR 8 overlap
26.041.8 AR 160 west
DrewLacey32.852.8 AR 133 south to AR 160
White Hall40.565.2 AR 172 west
Monticello Bypassunder construction; future I-69 north
Monticello42.768.7 AR 83 south (University Drive) – University of Arkansas Monticello
42.868.9 AR 83 north
44.271.1 AR 83Sinterchange
45.473.1 US 278 – Warren, McGehee
46.775.2 AR 35 north – Lake Monticello
Lincoln65.1104.8 AR 54 east – Little Garnett
Star City66.7107.3 AR 293 south (Cane Creek Road) – Cane Creek State Park
67.2108.1 AR 11 south (West Franklin Street)
67.8109.1 AR 11 north / AR 114 west / AR 212 west (Arkansas Avenue / AR 11B south)
77.8125.2 AR 199 north / Allegiance Road – Tarry, Moscow
Jefferson88.5142.4 US 65 south / AR 81 north – Grady, Lake Villagesouth end of US 65 overlap
Pine Bluff90.5145.6 AR 980 south – Airport
91.0146.5 US 63 north / US 79 north / US 65B north / AR 190 – Downtown Pine Bluffsigned as exit 46
91.0146.5 I-530 north (US 63 south / US 65 north / US 79 south) – Little Rocknorth end of US 65 overlap
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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