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I use the top of this Page as a 'Scratch Pad' — But visitors are always welcome.

Have a seat and let me grab us a couple of brewski's! — Look around if you like, but watch your step as you wander around amongst the clutter!

If you want a clue as to who I am Click: Flue Powder if you don't want to trip going across the floor. I'm afraid I'm very ADD (AD/HD)so the piles on the floor are the best I can do to organize myself without a lot of anxiety provoking effort.

This link may be most useful for wikipedians unfamiliar with me like you: This is a fairly typical day of WikiEditing for me.
(I do a lot of expansion and fix-ups, but seldom save until done, done , done)!


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My TOC: (NOT really of use TO YOU! I'm afraid.)

Useful links

Current major WikiFocus in the burgeoning 1632 series, and at the rate these works are coming out, it will likely take all summer to finish.

Current Project Articles

At the moment, this whole list is Category:Eric Flint books

  1. 1632 series-Talk:1632 series-
  2. Assiti Shards series
  3. The Grantville Gazettes
  4. User:Fabartus/1632series rework -- Utility file use to develop the following too:
  5. 1634: The Galileo Affair
  6. 1632 Research Committee
  7. 1632 Tech Manual forum
  8. 1632 Slush
  9. Grantville, WV — Maps and information, sourced from collected on the fictional town with it's fictional neohistory.
  10. Badenburg — The fictional walled town, the second state of the USE (fiction).
  11. USE (fiction), etc.

Back burner ToDOs

  1. user:fabartus/boxes_sandbox
  2. Belisarius series — expand and do seperate articles; Category:David Drake books
  3. User:Fbartus/Scratch02 --060412--Currently use as Section edit in Arsenal of Democracy expansion.
  4. user:fabartus/Forward the MageCategory:Joe's World series
  5. user:fabartus/The Philosophical StranglerCategory:Joe's World series
  6. user:fabartus/Personal Computer Industry -- stub out of eventual article focused on history of same, older information in part from Fire in the Valley and such works.

Quick Refs

0. Wikipedia:Newcomers_help_page - The link that keeps going missing! Green check.png
  1. User:Fabartus/scratchpads/Bat of PortArthur
  2. Wikipedia:Welcome, newcomers
  3. Wikipedia:Introduction
  4. Problem with HomePaging: User talk:Fabartus/Scratchpad01
  5. 'Altavista' Narrower than Google Garbage Searches
  6. WikiX Tools
  7. My Welcome Message -- Rev-B 060406
  8. Karmafist's Manifesto -- Grassroots Wikipolitics, some sensible suggestions on fixing some fundamental problems.
  9. User:Fabartus/graphics — Collection of Graphics tricks and techniques (esp. tables)
  10. Logbooks — Record keeping of Templates Applied s.a. {CLEAN, POV, EXPERT, ATTENTION, FACT, etc.} to patrol and clear periodically
  11. WikiContacts Index
  12. Logbooks — Various Quick Lookups
  13. Template_Log — Records of where I've applied 'Splash' templates like CLEAN, POV, UNREF, and etc.
  14. User:Fabartus/Blackhat - friendly warning for IP newcomers
  15. user:fabartus/wikiContacts_and_Friends
  16. user:fabartus/UploadedImages
  17. status page
  18. Logbooks
  19. Template_notes & tricks
  20. User:Fabartus/temp -- currently a redirect, reuse as needed
  21. Wikipedia:Extended image syntax — About time found! Images 101
  22. of Congress notes on US gov. 'image sources'.

[[Category:1632 series]]

  1. Wikisource Scriptorium Page

Pages to Patrol Occasionally

Off Wikipedia

  1. Wikipedia Main Page
  2. WikiBooks Main Page
  3. Check My Talk at WikiBooks
  4. Post My Talk @WikiBooks
  5. Wikisource Materials — Miscellaneos materials like speech texts, recipes and such.

On Wikipedia

  1. WP:AFD
  2. Deletion log
  3. Wikipedia:Most_Wanted_Articles
  4. Requested Articles - Index
  5. Wikipedia:Pages needing attention
  6. Wikipedia:Peer review
  7. Wikipedia:Recent_changes_patrol
  8. General Stubs,sectstub
  9. Stubs, Templates Nominated for DeletionWP:SFD — Analog of WP:AfD for squiggly things.
  10. Vandalism
  11. Category:Candidates for speedy deletion
  1. Wikipedia:Deadend pages
  2. RecentChanges -- Major changes only, hide Bots, ?hideliu???

Maybe patrol

  1. WikiProjects --
  2. Special:Unusedtemplates --


  1. Special:Ancientpages
  2. [[A new special page, Special:Randomredirect, allows a user to visit a random redirect page. Added by Rob Church on 25 April, the page works in a similar fashion as Special:Random
  3. Special:Templates
  4. Wikipedia:List_of_Wikipedians_by_number_of_edits -- Tally March 2006
  5. Commons_Images
  6. Wikipedia:WikiProject Stub sorting/Stub types


  • {{Template:Disputed}}Page
  • {{Disputed-section}}Section
  • {{DisputedAssertion}} — dispute one line's FACT.
  • {{DisputedAssertion}}Line
Disputed POV
Both Disputed and POV

Here at WikiP

  1. Wikipedia:Administrators' reading list
  2. Wikipedia:Boilerplate text (disambig: Very useful collection of links)
  3. WP:CSD ==CSD Project Page
  4. HELP by Department
  5. WikiP Policy Library --
  6. WP:VP -- The Village Pump
  7. Wikipedia:Tools/Editing tools#Spell Checkers
  8. User Scripts -- really need to take time to browse this soon, there are some good tools and variations here!
  9. WP:Btw

Categories, Templates Arcana

  1. Wikipedia:Category -- WP:CAT—The Main Guideline governing Categories
  2. Fundamental categories —This is daughter (subcategory) of CAT:CAT by natural topics
  3. CAT:CAT — Head end list of all categories, so can browse the whole heirarchial tree
  4. Category:Articles to be MergedWP:MM, put together for merging and moving.
  5. Wikipedia:How to archive a talk page

Guidelines, How to

*WXYZ indicates have hard copy on paper, quick filed index 'WXYZ'

  1. Wikipedia:Administrators' how-to guide,
  2. Wikipedia:Conflict resolution,
  3. Wikipedia:How to archive a talk page,
  4. Wikipedia:How to edit a page,
  5. Renaming/Moving a Page,
  6. M:Foundation issues,
  7. WP:PIC — Guide to Picture Layout, and options, part of MOS (long-See hardcopy) too)
  8. Wikipedia:Images — Guide to Images Layout in general, and options (see hardcopy too)
  9. WP:FUWP GUIDELINE What Is/IS not Fair USe Images
  10. WP:GTL — Guide to Layout, part of MOS
  11. WP:R == WP:RDR == WP:REDIR — Guide to Redirects, part of MOS (hardcopy)
  13. Wikipedia:Wikiquette#How_to_avoid_abuse_of_Talk_pages
  14. MediaWiki User's Guide: Editing mathematical formulae
  15. Wikipedia:Merging and moving pagesWP:MM
  16. Wikipedia:Template messages --
  17. Wikipedia:Utilities --
  18. WP:WSWikipedia:WikiProject Wiki Syntax — wikiproject list of syntax problem IDed by bots.

Special Link, Lookups, and References

  1. Wikipedia_talk:Deletion_policy/Archive_23#Informing_the_creators_is_being_ignored
  2. Polytonic orthography
  3. User:RoyBoy/The 800 Club --
  4. Wikipedia:Welcoming committee
  5. Stub Sorting Subproject
  6. Precis on Special Pages
  7. Article VfD instructions --
  8. Category:Candidates for speedy deletion
  9. Special:Newpages
  10. Cities Projects
  11. Encyl Artys Needed
  12. Wikiprojects
  13. 1911EBArtys Needed --
  14. AdminList Categorized by Recent Activity
  15. Complete by uncategorized list of Administrators
  16. Lamest Edit Wars
  17. Clueless

Things Check out/Examine

  1. - Forget it. Ridiculously high user fees Use free!
  2. = Destination of source materials, some of which may be good starts for wikiBooks
  3. = WikiBooks references and text project. Some don't like wikiPedian culture


Useful Techniques/Tools

Reminders and ToDo Lists

baby boom--baby Boom--Baby Boom (film)--baby boom's all snarled up, redirect is to film in health articles, etc. Needs someone to check what directs here, and fix links, or move article back, or somesuch. (I'me mad ea big dent)

  1. Metrology — cleanup requests a thourogh dumbing down to lay reader
  2. 060422--Customary_measurement_systems and This] — no one has run with this ball in a month, so get back and expand.
  3. Polio — dumbify intro and mention FDR in introbody. Does not even begin to give the horror of the disease and fear. too clinical.
  4. Need an Article 'Recreational boating'
  5. Dredge article with much information badly in need of rewrite
  6. Update Alternate history (fiction) - w/1632 series
  1. Scratchpad01-DOC Problem Bring to the attention of Interiot - Wikified: User:Fabartus/scratchpads/Glacial Vs Interglacial Epocs
Mountains- meter to feet conversion additions

Maybe Someday:

This category contains Wikipedians who participate in the Wikipedia:WikiProject Stub sorting. If you want to add yourself, put [[Category:WikiProject Stub sorting participants|your username here]] on your user page or, if you don't have a user page, on your user talk page. (fab-050701)

Completed To-Do Items

Nagasaki, Nagasaki - 10 August 2005

Community Contributions

  1. Weighing In on VfD Policy 050603
  2. My Input at Para. 9
  3. Above Wikified to page top
  4. Some POV edit-war fix suggestions Posted inviting some to read
  5. POV Naming Wars —not to mention most Tsushima Island articles.
  6. Mediations in M vs M
  7. Weighing in on Junk Templates Also see Talk Post Template Talk: unreferenced - 060412, Spam notify to five Sr. Eds.
  8. Wikipedia:Archives_as_sources -- School driven RFC+this on nice article citing archival sources.


I do a lot of technical editing, mainly in history (lifelong avocation) or in science & engineering related topics. Most often, I'll end up doing a whole string of related edits from within a preview window while testing links of whatever edit I started with.

Articles I'm Researching

  1. much neglected 1632 series related articles (10ish)
  2. User:Fabartus/1632series_rework Project:1632series_rework
  3. Battle of Breitenfeld (1631) -- this looks to have some problems. Dig into some books, it cites three.

Temp Files

  1. User:Fabartus/scratchpads/VG1_060325(test) DataXferTest063025
  2. User:Fabartus/temp-A2cuts -- backup: just in case. Inadvertant Dups of talk when initially archiving. Posted to A-2 when had browser problem editting in IE6. FrankB 16:26, 29 April 2006 (UTC)
  3. User:Fabartus/temp
  4. User:Fabartus/temp1
  5. User:Fabartus/temp2
  6. User:Fabartus/temp3
  7. User:Fabartus/temp4
  8. User:Fabartus/temp5 -- permanently allocate: Template debug and experment
  9. User:Fabartus/Scratchpad01
  10. User:Fabartus/Scratchpad02

Articles I'm Working On (large edits)

1632 (novel) -- 1632 series -- 1632 series characters
1633 (novel) -- Grantville Gazettes -- Ring of Fire -- 1634: The Galileo Affair
1634 The Ram Rebellion -- others listed here first: talk:1632 series

Articles I've suspended Working On (large edits)

1632_series/1632_series_historical_background --
Battle of Port Arthur -- Battle of Tsushima -- Russo-Japanese War and related articles

===Articles I've suspended Researching=== (Casualties of Katrina!)

Other battles of Russo-Japanese war (a lot)
Timeline of the Russo-Japanese War -- Battle of Chemalpo -- Naval Skirmishes of the Russo-Japanese War
Battle of Shantung -- Dalian -- Lushun -- Fleets of the Russo-Japanese War

Dont forget: web reference for additional research: - This has error "had begun to demand" - build a list of known concessions 1894-1897, including extra-terratorality, naval bases and 'Regions' (ala WeiWei, Liaodong, CER, etc.), then incorporate into this causes section. Fabartus 04:58, 14 Jun 2005 (UTC)
Battle of Trafalgar (Aide to author)... on Peer ReviewFabartus 04:12, 14 Jun 2005 (UTC)

===Wiki Articles I Started=== Excludes the trivial redirects, Natch!'

Manchurian Railway
Organosulfur compounds
Table of US Weights and Measures : stub Fabartus 04:12, 14 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Wiki Article Contributions

This will never be up to date, I fear!!!

Minor Contributions

Korea Strait -- Tsushima Islands -- Tsushima Strait -- Dalian -- Lushun

Article Significant edits

Natural GasTreaty of ShimonosekiSiege of Port Arthur
Drum (container)Battle of Port ArthurRusso-Japanese War

Older Work (as Anom)

One Computer - User: (Office Desk)
Surprise change to IP Dec 2006: Wow! , despite same old firewall router.
Fathometer -- Natural Gas

Pending Large Edit Articles

Template Menu

Particularly useful Templates


{{Inuse}} -- {{Inuseuntil | }} (form is 'for...' minutes, not until ... time)

User Templates, Education

These are sourced in: {{user degree/AS}}
{{user degree}} This user has an academic degree.
{{user degree/BE}}
{{user degree/multiple univ degrees}}
{{user degree/MEng}} MEng This user has a Master of Engineering degree.
{{user degree/MS}}, {{user degree/MSc}} MS This user has a Master of Science degree.
{{user degree/BS}} BS This user has a Bachelor of Science degree.
{{user degree/BSc}} BSc This user has a Bachelor of Science degree.
{{user degree/BSBS}} BSBS This user has two Bachelor of Science degrees.
{{user degree/BE}} BE This user has a Bachelor of Engineering degree.
{{User History Subject}} HIS This user's favorite subject is History.
{{user 1|black|white|[[Image:Mortarboard.jpg|40px]]| This user graduated from the '''[[University of Something]]'''.}} This user graduated from the University of Something.

R-JW Project References

  • F.R. Sedwick, (R.F.A.), The Russo-Japanese War, 1909, The Macmillan Company, N.Y., 192 pp.
  • Colliers (Ed.), The Russo-Japanese War, 1904, P.F. Collier & Son, New York, 129 pp.
  • Dennis and Peggy Warner, The Tide At Sunrise, 1974, Charterhouse, New York, 659 pp.
  • Geoffrey Jukes, The Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905, 2002, Osprey Publishing, Oxford, Ox2 9LP (Britain), ISBN 1-84176-446-9, 95 pp.
  • William Henry Chamberlain, Japan Over Asia, 1937, Little, Brown, and Company, Boston, 395 pp.
  • Frank Theiss, The Voyage of Forgotten Men, 1937, Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1st Ed., Indianapolis & New York, 415 pp.

  • Ian Nish, A Short History of JAPAN, 1968, LoCCC# 68-16796, Fredrick A. Praeger, Inc., New York, 238 pp.
    • ditto, The Story of Japan, 1968, (British Title and Publisher), Farber and Farber, Ltd. (i.e. same book)
  • Edwin O Reischauer, Japan - The Story of a Nation, 1970, LoCCC# 77-10895 Afred A. Knopf, Inc., New York. 345 pp. plus index.
    • Previously published as Japan Past and Present (4 Editions, 1946-1964), (i.e. 5 revisions overall)

  • Richard Hough, "THE FLEET THAT HAD TO DIE", 1958, LoCCC# 58-9650, The Viking Press, Inc., New York, 212 pp.
  • Tom McKnight,PhD, et al; Geographica (ATLAS), 1999-2004, 3rd revision, Barnes and Noble Books AND Random House, New York, ISBN 0-7607-5974-X, 618 pp.
  • Constantine Pleshakov, The TSAR'S LAST ARMADA, 2002, Basic Books/The Perseus Books Group, New York, ISBN 0-465-05791-8, 396 pp.

For the Incorrigibly Curious

enThis user is a native speaker of the English language.
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I feel that Self-promotion is something that ought to be practiced like masturbation - in private, but now that I finally committed myself to the Wiki-culture and signed up, I suppose something autobiographical should be written here. I started making small anonymous edits and fixes around the end of October in 2004, but more in the following winter. So I've been poking around since the end of 2004 iirc under a variety of IP's, and bit the bullet and registered in May 2005 while on a history kick. I batch read a lot, especially in history, a life long love. I didn't major in it though, figuring I couldn't pay any bills with such a degree without becoming a PhD., which alas, I could not envision as an undergraduate paying my own way through school. Next semester's tuition was as far as I could see!

I'm a self-employed engineering consultant in the Boston Area with a strong general knowledge background in the sciences, history, and to a lesser extent economics and finance. I attended Washington and Jefferson College in Pennsylvania (Biology+Chemistry+Economics), DeVry Institute of Technology, Evanston Ill. (Associates in Electronics), Northeastern University and Tufts University (various electrical and computer engineering), not to mention a lot of US Navy Technical Schools while I was in the regular navy. My college education was broken and changed track as a result of the world wide recession triggered by the OPEC Oil Embargo of 1973 and 1974. In 1974 (my first 'real' professional job as a student) was as an Industrial Chemist in a steel stamping and galvanizing plant a manufacturer of 'electrical boxes', making sure we were in compliance with the then new Clean Air and Water Act and resultant E.P.A. regulations.

To many, that recession meant only gas lines and odd-even license plate restrictions for when we could buy, but to me, working to put myself through school, it meant watching a company die, a consequent stint in the US Navy serving in Submarines when I couldn't afford a third years tuition, and a reserve career as a Chief-Petty-Officer now spanning decades. It also bumped me into electronics and software which I've kept balanced on a plate as a systems specialist ever since, even before adding other engineering degrees. I have a wife who is a notable tax expert, CPA, currently President of the local chapter of NAWBO (pronounced 'Nah-Bow'- National Associations Womans Business Owners) and two teenagers now both in a private high school. We live in North Anover, Massachusetts -- but if you tell anyone, I'll have to kill you cause that's classified. <G>

(If you're unfamiliar with military humor in general, you have to forgive me for things like that. Some say I have a low and evil sense of humor, but that's a base slander — it's not evil in the least but does go quite low at times!)

I write science fiction and fantasy under a nom de plume (which is how I found Wiki), read almost anything, but especially love to study history by reading biographies of various 'characters on the historical stage' so I can get the 'flavor' of the time and the balanced viewpoint from various authors. If a figure is especially noteworthy, I'll read three or four biographies over time, as some biographers exibit bias. Living near Boston, I'm also a big PATS (and Steelers) fan, though the home town team wins my loyalty over the old town 'Steel city' when they meet head to head. (After such occasions, the family will even talk to me again— after a month or so of sulking.) I'm a fair REDSOX baseball fan as well (and no, not fair weather!), but more fanatic about the shorter football season. I don't generally watch TV unless it's current events (News, sports) or History, save for family time, got to the movies only rarely, and browse the web less than that without a specific purpose. Those sessions meant I started seeing Wikipedia more and more, and I guess that's the short form of why I'm here now taken together with my penchant for reading and wanting to check a related matter.

I'm a lifelong Boy Scout (Us older 'graduates' and mentors are known as 'Scouters') and like a lot of outdoor stuff varying from the horses and hunting dogs I had as a kid, to mountaineering things like rapeling and white water rafting. I'm very into blue water boating, used to race extensively (Glory Days) in sailing clubs and regatta's, and can be seen cruising (or flying very low) in local waters in the Nauti-gal, a cuddy-cabin go fast boat my wife talked me into when she opined that sailing was too much work (as an activity).

So my sentence for accepting that arguement is that I get to spend my spare time maintaining 'Nauti-Gal' and hung a license-plate sign saying "I'd Rather be Sailing" on the stern. Hey, gotta be honest! I'm currently rebuilding her engine (As a youth, I managed a gas station and helped build dragsters) and hope to get her back on blue water by May 2006.

I Trailer the beast, so you can find me on New Hampshires Lakes as readily as on the coastline between Kennibunkport, ME (No, Haven't seen Bush Senior on his boat yet.) to Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island. This summer I may cruise down to New London and Groton (Ct.) to see if the old Navy base looks the same.

In addition to all that, I keep after an endless list of hands on projects around the house or grounds, train and walk our two dogs, and build furnature and do cabinetry about every third year. The Doc said I was good for another 100,000 miles early in 2006 but wants me to loose more weight (15 pounds down from December to February wasn't enough!). While that sounds well enough, he wants me to get a colonoscopy which is about as bad as it gets, so say a prayer for me come May!

Some of the Things I've Worked In Engineering

  • Never mind — this project was like so many over the years, alas, canceled too!
This user is a member of the

Association of Wikipedians Who Dislike Making Broad Judgments About the Worthiness of a General Category of Article, and Who Are in Favor of the Deletion of Some Particularly Bad Articles, but That Doesn't Mean They Are Deletionists


Est omnino difficile iudicare inclusionis meritum cuiusdam rei in encyclopædia cum ratio sciendi quid populi referat incerta sit, sed nihilominus aliquid encyclopædiam dedecet

It is generally difficult to judge the worthiness of a particular topic for inclusion in an encyclopedia considering that there is no certain way to know what interests people, but some topics nevertheless are not fit for an encyclopedia.

This motto reflects the desire of these Wikipedians to be reluctant, but not entirely unwilling, to remove articles from Wikipedia.

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