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Hello, I am Slovak interested in graphics, linguistics and geography. I am Wikipedian since 2009 and since 2011 I collect graphic symbols (mainly flags) for languages. (The list is here and here.) Some national flags are good for languages, many not, as is written in blogs. Thus I created some linguistic flags. First I uploaded them to Commons, then to deviantART. At Commons I decided to vectorize some files, including some flags, but also coats of arms. Collection of coats of arms of Slovak bishops is at my Slovak user page. I visited Indonesian Wikipedia when looking for linguistic symbols and someone created my Indonesian user talk. Thus at my Indonesian user page is list of "twin places": geographic objects with names of very similar sound or meaning. Similar list for flags is at my subpage and another subpage collects minimal recognized symbols of countries. This page contains lists of pictures I would like to vectorize. You can propose better names of some file at my user talk. The intended name should be in blind link. If a picture listed here is already vectorized, the vector version is shown by nowSVG label.

I am willing to vectorize other files too. Their list is at my Commons user page.

Here are flags of Incubator Wikipedia languages. Vector versions will be behind link made of name of language.

These symbols were on English Wikipedia or other source:

and these unfree iages:

These symbols with non-wiki source were not vectorized yet:

Here are flags of real Wikipedia languages. Most of them are already vectorized.

Vectorized with marked vector version (nowSVG label):

Vectorized with non-wiki source and not yet vectorized:

Language Source image Vectorized image
Hausa striped

or Venn-like?

Flag of the Hausa people.svg[1]
Yoruba two images

and version of the latter

Flag of the Yoruba people.svg

Flag of Egbe Omo Yoruba.svg

Assamese flag
Konkani flag Flag of Goa.svg
Kanuri historical and ethnic flag Flag of the Kanem-Bornu Empire.svg

Flag of the Kanuri people.svg

Laz these flags or this? Flag of Lazistan.svg

Historical flag of Lazistan.svg[2]

Kongo ethnic or political Flag of Musikongo.svg
Lak flag (ethnic IMHO) Flag of the Lak People v2.svg
Zhuang flag is about one screen down Flag of the Zhuang people.svg
Sichuan Yi this or this Proposed Yi flag.svg
Cree non-wiki Pan-Cree flag Cree flag.svg
Persian flag from this page Ethnic Persian flag.svg
Telugu flags Flag of Telangana.svg

Telangana flag.svg

Pennsylvania German File:Pennsylvania German flag.svg
Central_Bicolano flag in third row Flag of the Katipuneros of Bicol.svg
Malayalam this flag Malayali flag.svg

These languages can have more than one symbol

English Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Tudor Rose.svg French Flag of France.svg Fleur de lys (or).svg Spanish Flag of Spain (Civil).svg Sol de Mayo-Bandera de Argentina.svg Portuguese Flag of Brazil.svg OrderOfCristCross.svg Dutch Flag of the Netherlands.svg Arms of Flanders.svg German Flag of Austria.svg German Cross.svg to be continued

These languages are not bound to homogenous peoples, so they could need neutral symbols. Here I collect and create them. Flag of Brazil is good WITHOUT STARS, because they are bound to geography. Only the color scheme is better than flag of Portugal.

  1. ^ Should I upload the striped flags too? Or only one of them? And under what name?
  2. ^ Should I vectorize the third flag too?
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