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Hey! I used to write and edit a lot about Atlanta and its history... there's a lot 'under the hood' in Atlanta. Now I write a lot about Mexico City, also on Spanish Wikipedia. I also write about a few other random things... and a couple articles on Dutch wikipedia. Pictures I uploaded to Wikimedia Commons

Topics about which I was amazed there wasn't already a Wikipedia article

...and for which I created an article

  • Food hall
  • FOCSA Building - tallest building in Cuba (858 views per month as of 2013-02-17)
  • Asa G. Candler, Jr. - the alcoholic, eccentric, tycoon son of Coca-Cola's Asa Griggs Candler - had a zoo at his mansion (549 views per month as of 2013-02-17)
  • Rand McNally Building - world's first all-steel-framed skyscraper (642 views per month as of 2013-02-17)
  • Roma in the United States (gypsies) - an ethnic group numbering about 1,000,000 and no article! (7864 views per month as of 2013-02-17)
  • Streetcars in Atlanta - there was partial info about current planned streetcars, but not the old extensive network (1010 views per month as of 2013-02-17)
  • Trolleybuses in Atlanta - city once had the world's largest network of buses which used overhead wires for electric power - and this was not documented in Wikipedia! (182 views per month as of 2013-02-17)
  • Atlanta Daily World - Atlanta's oldest black newspaper and the only long running black daily (493 views per month as of 2013-02-17)
  • Deltalina - spokesperson on the Delta Air Lines safety videos (3657 views per month as of 2013-02-17)
  • Seismic code
  • Street vendors in Mexico City
  • Trouble with the Curve - the Clint Eastwood movie, which was already being filmed - still no article - except in French!
  • Walter Schroeder, Milwaukee insurance and hotel magnate - I heard his life story and about his ghost on NPR

Topics I was amazed what improvement was needed

I helped clean these up:

Articles created


History of Atlanta


Historic districts


Neighborhoods extant and extinct some districts/areas and a couple small towns around Atlanta Stats indicate views/mo. as of 2013-02-17


Parks and trails


I have created pages for a few architects who were active in "old" Atlanta (roughly 1880s-1920s)





Mexico City


Shopping centers



Georgia (country)

Los Angeles history

Southern California & Retail

Saint Petersburg & Russia

San Diego (non-retail)

Mixed-use developments

Food halls

Other stuff


Articles given major overhauls and contributions


  • Atlanta (major additions, cleanup, and structuring) major achievements
    • moving away from text which appears to be a Chamber of Commerce-type brochure: replacing continuous lauding of virtues with neutral POV
    • identifying what makes the city unique and characteristic (e.g. city is a capital of hip hop) - not just "checking the boxes" on what would go into a traditional encyclopedia (e.g. fine art, ballet, opera)
    • ensuring sub-articles like History have good content and good summary sections at the top; transferring these summaries to the main Atlanta article, i.e. making the article/subarticle system work

History of Atlanta

Other Atlanta

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