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This is the Styletips project, which gives useful advice to editors on writing style and formatting in bite-size chunks from the Manual of Style and related pages. For the complete schedule of Styletips, see below.

Please place suggestions on the Talk page. The objective is to keep the focus of each tip narrow and to express it simply and briefly.

Styletips scheduling queue

List of tips
  • Gpedia:Styletips/1 – Quotations within quotations
  • Gpedia:Styletips/2 – Number signs
  • Gpedia:Styletips/3 – The year 1995
  • Gpedia:Styletips/4 – Percentage ranges
  • Gpedia:Styletips/5 – Case in expanded abbreviations
  • Gpedia:Styletips/6 – Gender-neutral language
  • Gpedia:Styletips/7 – No initial the or a in article and section titles
  • Gpedia:Styletips/8 – Downcase the generics
  • Gpedia:Styletips/9 – Unit symbols: spacing
  • Gpedia:Styletips/10 – Instructional and presumptuous language
  • Gpedia:Styletips/11Including
  • Gpedia:Styletips/12Current
  • Gpedia:Styletips/13 – Within-text attribution
  • Gpedia:Styletips/14 – Emphasizing a word
  • Gpedia:Styletips/15 – Block quotes
  • Gpedia:Styletips/16 – Unit symbols: figures
  • Gpedia:Styletips/17 – Seasons
  • Gpedia:Styletips/18 – Ampersand
  • Gpedia:Styletips/19Circa
  • Gpedia:Styletips/20US or U.S.?
  • Gpedia:Styletips/21 – Pluralizing abbreviations
  • Gpedia:Styletips/22 – Points and spaces in abbreviations
  • Gpedia:Styletips/23 – Quotations: allowable typographical changes
  • Gpedia:Styletips/24 – Formatting titles of literature and art
  • Gpedia:Styletips/25 – Italics for emphasis
  • Gpedia:Styletips/26 – Overlinking
  • Gpedia:Styletips/27 – Subset terms
  • Gpedia:Styletips/28 – Dashes in article titles
  • Gpedia:Styletips/29 – Dates (I)
  • Gpedia:Styletips/30 – Currency symbols
  • Gpedia:Styletips/31 – Dates (II)
  • Gpedia:Styletips/32 – No hyphen after -ly adverbs
  • Gpedia:Styletips/33 – Hyphens can avoid ambiguity
  • Gpedia:Styletips/34 – Hanging hyphens

  • Another styletip ...


    To indicate approximately, the unitalicized abbreviation of the Latin word circa (c., followed by a space) is preferred over circa, ca., or approx.

    Add this to your user page by typing in {{Styletips}}

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