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User scripts examples

You can install user scripts written in JavaScript to add helpful features to your account, and to automate various tasks. You could write your own scripts. But many user scripts have already been written by Wikipedians, and they are ready to be made use of. To enable these scripts, simply copy and paste them into your common.js file. (Only logged-in users can install scripts). This will allow use of the script in any Gpedia skin (Vector is the default skin).

Examples of scripts:

Some of the most popular scripts have become Gadgets, which can be enabled simply by checking an option under the gadget tab of your user preferences.

To add this auto-updating template to your user page, use {{totd}}
Postscript-viewer.svg For the complete library of tips arranged by subject, see Gpedia:Tips.

This is the tip of the day (a.k.a. TOTD) project, providing useful daily advice on how to use or develop Gpedia more effectively. This project is responsible for maintaining the Gpedia:Tip of the day#Tip templates, and the collection of daily tips that are displayed by those templates.


The Tip of the Day was started on February 18, 2004 as an original feature of the newly created Community Portal. There were about 50 tips, displayed one per day, on a rotating basis.

In 2006 the project was revamped and expanded to a tip page for each day of the year. Later that year, a "yearless tip" was created, with no year included in the page titles, so that the same pages could be displayed automatically year after year. The tip collection grew to about 300 tips - still about 66 tips short of a full supply.

The tip of the day was added to the main help page, Help:Contents, on March 13, 2006. That page was renamed on September 20, 2012, to Help:Menu, to make way for a new main help page. In 2015, the tip of the day project underwent an overhaul, during which the display template functionality was enhanced and simplified, many new tips were added, replacing obsolete and duplicate tips. The tip of the day was added to the current help page on November 22, 2015.

Over the years, Tip of the Day project regulars, and other helpful editors have maintained the set of auto displaying tips, updating them, and creating new tips to replace redundant or obsolete tips.

Check the prominent locations

The three main places that the Tip of the Day is displayed, are the Community portal page (since 02/18/2004), the Help:Contents page (the top-level help page), and the Help:Menu (this was Help:Contents until 09/20/2012).

Another place where the tip resides is the Welcome to Gpedia page (since 01/08/2007).

Sometimes the tip gets removed from those pages, either through vandalism or by an overly bold edit. If you notice it missing from any of them, please put it back. Thank you.

Displaying tips on your user pages

To add one of the many versions of the tip of the day template to your user page, go here.


To participate in developing, proofreading, and scheduling new tips, see the instructions on the talk page.

Tip of the day scheduling queue

Chronological list of tips

Today is

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List of tips by date

This is the tip of the day scheduling queue. The TOTD system operates on the Rolodex approach, in which each daily tip page is automatically displayed again year after year.

Each tip needs to be proofread before its upcoming presentation date arrives, to ensure that it has not grown out of date or become obsolete! Please help. For questions, comments, or to submit a new tip please go to our Project's Talk page.

Now, without further ado, here are Gpedia's daily tips, by presentation date:

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Alphabetical list of tips

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List of tips by order of name

This is the tip scheduling queue arranged alphabetically. The TOTD system operates on the "yearless year" approach, in which each tip's page is automatically displayed year after year. There is also a chronological list of these tips.

Each tip needs to be proofread before its upcoming presentation date arrives, to ensure that it hasn't grown out of date or obsolete! Please help. For questions, comments, or to submit a new tip please go to this Project's Talk page.

  • How to improve Gpedia's reliability – January 5
  • How to insert a picture into an article – June 13
  • How to link to a category without categorizing the page – July 31
  • How to link to a category – August 23
  • How to link to a section of an article – August 26
  • How to link to word definitions – September 25
  • How to look at the changes to an article – December 4
  • How to make a table on a page – July 20
  • How to make links look the way you want – March 11
  • How to make links to articles – April 30
  • How to make your watchlist easier to read – January 4
  • How to move/rename a page – April 23
  • How to plant a CategoryTree! – March 1
  • How to provide a Google search in a link – November 18
  • How to provide a link to a specific Google Search – February 7
  • How to reduce or enlarge font sizes – January 22
  • How to request help on your Talk page – January 28
  • How to review user contributions – May 18
  • How to search Gpedia with Google – August 11
  • How to see a list of the pages in a namespace – October 25
  • How to send a message to other editors – January 6
  • How to skip scrolling and clicking – December 9
  • How to start a new article – June 7
  • How to transclude a page into the page you are editing – October 12
  • How to turn links to disambiguation pages orangeNovember 16
  • How to turn redirects greenMarch 17
  • How to use red linksJuly 12
  • How to use Gpedia offline: xowaSeptember 5
  • How to watch for pages that do not exist yet – August 8
  • If you have privileged access to web pages... – December 27
  • Image processing tools – January 7
  • In conflicts, reach consensus – August 5
  • Install your first javascript – September 3
  • Interwiki links and shortcuts – September 30
  • Introduction to navigating Gpedia – January 10
  • Introduction to tables – February 12
  • Intruder alert! Intruder alert! (Vandalism-level warning) – January 29
  • Join a WikiProject. – February 4
  • Join the fight against vandalism – July 17
  • Join the Recent Changes Patrol! – August 27
  • Jump to the search box with ⇧ Shift+Alt+FJuly 11
  • Keep track of your questions – October 11
  • Keyboard shortcuts – April 26
  • Lead Section Size – November 24
  • Link articles to their foreign-language counterparts – December 14
  • Link to Wiktionary word definitions using Wikt:March 25
  • Linking articles: the internal link – October 9
  • Linking to a section of an article – May 6
  • Linking to non-Wikimedia wikis – November 8
  • List building – May 12
  • List the things to do for an article – July 5
  • Look before you leap – June 6
  • Love thy neighbor – July 2
  • Making the editbox more visually pleasing – November 22
  • Main page - Did you know – May 30
  • Main page - Did you know – September 24
  • Mediation – November 14
  • Mobile view sidebar from the desktop – February 17
  • Motto of the day... – April 13
  • My link disappeared! – August 31
  • Namespace entry points – October 30
  • Navigate faster using Gpedia shortcuts – March 21
  • Navigate faster using Gpedia shortcuts – October 15
  • Navigation popups – June 12
  • No copies of primary sources – December 1
  • Not everything that is true is verifiable – December 31
  • Now what? (Are you lost, and do not know what to do?) – April 27
  • Page history – June 2
  • Permission requests – November 23
  • Pick from a list of template parameter choices – November 26
  • Placing category tags – June 1
  • Placing "External links" sections – May 29
  • Placing interlanguage links – June 4
  • Placing templates – May 28
  • Please fill-in edit summaries – March 7
  • Please read department instructions – June 21
  • Please return the favor – May 25
  • Please sign your name on talk pages – February 29
  • Please sign your name on talk pages – March 12
  • Please sign your name on talk pages – October 7
  • Please summarize your work using the Edit summary box – February 9
  • Portals – June 25
  • Posting on the Gpedia Community Bulletin Board – July 3
  • Power search Gpedia using AutoWikiBrowser – October 17
  • Power tool: Navigation Popups – October 16
  • Power-editing with AutoWikiBrowser – August 24
  • Pretty tables – June 27
  • Preventing markup glitches – June 10
  • Preview tomorrow's Featured Article – January 19
  • Prove it with ProveItMay 3
  • Redirect synonymous topic names – February 2
  • Redirects – May 15
  • Referencing for beginners – February 10
  • Report problems on noticeboards – November 2
  • Running MediaWiki on your own computer – March 20
  • S.W.A.T., T.I.M, & the U.S.D.A – October 28
  • Same titles, different meanings – November 28
  • Screen readers for accessibility – February 25
  • Screenshots – June 20
  • Search & replace in thousands of articles with AWBJanuary 24
  • Search and replace while editing an article. – January 23
  • Search box bookmarklet for your browser – April 9
  • Searching Gpedia with regular expressions (regex) – March 22
  • Section edit button – June 15
  • Section editing – December 11
  • Setting Gpedia time to your time zone – April 29
  • Short link pipe trick – July 18
  • Shortcut for minor edit box – February 13
  • Shortcuts – May 31
  • Sister projects & interwiki linking – May 7
  • Six of one, half-a-dozen of the other – October 18
  • Sorting entries in the categories – June 5
  • Souping up your Smartphone editing of Gpedia – January 26
  • Speed up your learning curve... – August 19
  • Spell Checkers – September 2
  • Spoken Gpedia – November 13
  • Spreading the WikiLove – February 14
  • Stop by the Reference Desk – April 3
  • Subject bar template – September 6
  • SuggestBot is a fun way to pick pages to edit – March 26
  • Super-customize your account with gadgetsApril 25
  • Supercharge your browser – March 4
  • Table of contents – May 22
  • Tag your image uploads – June 3
  • Tagging pages for problems – September 26
  • Talking to Wikipedians – June 8
  • Templates for Age and DatesFebruary 15
  • Ten things you may not know about images on Gpedia – July 19
  • Test-drive your edits using a sandbox – March 2
  • Thanks - send a notification – February 16
  • The fastest way to end a conflict: walk away – July 10
  • The five pillars – October 20
  • The lead section – August 3
  • The semi-automated article peer-reviewer – January 27
  • The three revert rule – July 8
  • The Gpedia Adventure! – April 24
  • The Gpedia Curriculum – November 11
  • Time-saving links II – May 4
  • Time-saving links: the "pipe trick" – May 2
  • Title searches – August 7
  • To search a specific namespace, include the prefix in searches – May 1
  • To see everything on Gpedia about a subject area... – August 14
  • Toolbar links to access the WP pages you use the most – March 31
  • Topic lists – September 29
  • Transclusion caveat – May 23
  • Transclusion vs. Substitution – March 24
  • Translating content – October 19
  • Troubleshooting Gpedia's look and feel with skins – December 29
  • Try to see it my way! – November 25
  • Undoing edits – November 30
  • Upgrade Recent Changes in my preferences – December 25
  • Uploading Free Images – April 16
  • Use the Article Wizard to easily create new articles – March 6
  • Use your browser's toolbar to navigate Gpedia – May 19
  • Use your watchlist – June 11
  • User scripts examples – January 20
  • User scripts – October 8
  • User Sub Pages – November 19
  • Userboxes – May 11
  • Using Math – July 14
  • Using Special:MyPage to make private links – October 21
  • Using templates – May 9
  • Using the Authority control template – February 18
  • Visit the Village Pump for technical issues – April 2
  • Watching for changes – December 26
  • Welcome to Gpedia! – November 21
  • Welcoming Committee – July 7
  • What are dummy edits good for? – January 8
  • What are page history diffs? – January 30
  • What are templates used for? – June 26
  • What can be included in Gpedia? – December 19
  • What did they say? (Wikijargon) – July 22
  • What is a Talk page? – January 17
  • What is BRD? the BOLD, revert, discuss cycle – September 27
  • What is Page curation? – February 27
  • What the world knows about us – August 20
  • What writing style to use – December 12
  • When and how to exclude Gpedia from your Google search – August 22
  • When is a Gpedia project a WikiProject? – May 13
  • When not to use links – June 22
  • When to use external links – December 6
  • When to use subpages – February 19
  • Where did that fact come from?! – August 28
  • "Where do I begin?" – November 9
  • Where on the page to put images – May 27
  • Where to begin? – January 1
  • Where to look for help – August 25
  • Where to post requests – March 10
  • Where to upload images and media files – April 4
  • Where to write about current events – December 13
  • Why create an account? – December 22
  • Why have lists when there are categories? – October 13
  • Wiki-exploration: beyond Gpedia... – November 15
  • Wikimedia has mailing lists – December 24
  • Wikimedia links and shortcuts – November 5
  • Wikimedia-wide issues – October 2
  • Gpedia banners and buttons – February 22
  • Gpedia Database reports – September 14
  • Gpedia etiquette = Wikiquette – December 10
  • Gpedia for your mobile... – June 29
  • Gpedia has 22 sections, called namespacesOctober 24
  • Gpedia in brief – July 25
  • Gpedia industrial-powered search – July 23
  • Gpedia needs pictures. How you can help... – December 17
  • Gpedia Search box - advanced – September 8
  • Gpedia Search box - basic – February 8
  • Gpedia search box focus – April 22
  • Gpedia Search Box for Firefox – October 14
  • Gpedia toolbar for Firefox – September 20
  • Gpedia's alphabetical index of articles – November 3
  • Gpedia's dozen most essential tips – July 26
  • Gpedia's Manual of StyleJuly 6
  • Gpedia's Quick directory – July 30
  • Gpedia's ten most powerful tips – July 27
  • Gpedia's top ten essential tips – September 1
  • Gpedia's top ten power tips – March 15
  • Gpedia-specific searching with Google – October 6
  • Gpedia-specific searching within Firefox – June 14
  • Gpedia:Today's articles for improvement – July 13
  • Work faster with keyboard shortcuts – March 27
  • Working on the Main page – I - March 29
  • Working on the Main Page – II - March 30
  • World of fiction – November 27
  • Writing articles for The SignpostFebruary 28
  • Your customizable Gpedia navigation hub – September 28
  • Your user page – December 23
  • Your very own Gpedia bookmark page – July 28

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Tip templates

This is the list of tip display templates (also posted at Gpedia:Tip of the day/July 21). Here is a gallery of display templates for you to view the display templates listed below:

  • {{totd}} – the main userspace version of the tip of the day template, with border, centered in the middle of the page. Complete with inspirational light bulb.
    • {{totd b}} – a more compact version of the above template. Useful for columns.
  • {{totd3}} – a purple box version, useful for displaying the tip in columns.
  • {{totd-random}} – this is the tip of the moment template, which automatically displays a different tip every time you enter a page it is on. If it doesn't update, try clearing your browser cache.
  • {{totd-tomorrow}} – this shows tomorrow's tip, and is used by Gpedia tipsters to make sure that the tips are up-to-date and corrected before they go live.
  • {{tip of the day}} – the borderless version, with lightbulb.
  • {{tip of the day with h3 heading}} – the tip in heading/paragraph format (No light bulb).
  • {{totd2}} – the borderless version used on Gpedia's Help page (which already has its own borders). (No lightbulb).
  • {{totd CP}} – like the help page version, but with a box & light bulb. Spans the whole field (screen or column) that it is in.
  • {{totd-static}} –  like the totd version but the date is static. You have to manually change the date. Good for testing purposes.

Random tip

The following template {{Totd-random}} is for Wikipedians who can't wait until tomorrow for their next tip! It presents a random tip each time you reload the page it is presented on:

Tip of the moment...
Be forgiving to new users

While it is important to remain civil to all users, please remember that new users may not be familiar with Wikiquette. So if you encounter a mistake by a new user please do not bite the newbie.

To add this auto-randomizing template to your user page, use {{totd-random}}

Tomorrow's tip

This template {{Totd-tomorrow}} is for monitoring the tip queue one day in advance for any editing needs:

Please proofread the daily tip...

It's displayed below one day early.

Some tips are obsolete. So we need new tips too. Please share your best tips and tip ideas at the Tip of the day department.

edit Tomorrow's tip of the day...

Good article nominations

Gpedia articles improved to C-class, and then B-class status may be submitted to the peer review process to receive ideas and feedback from other editors.

Upon successful completion of the peer review, an article can be nominated for GA-Class (Good Article) status.

A good article is...

1. Well written: Prose and layout are clear, and comply with certain aspects of the Manual of Style (MOS); in particular, the lead is a concise summary of the article.
2. Accurate and verifiable: Reliable sources are provided, and cited where necessary.
3. Broad: It covers the main aspects of the topic without going into unnecessary detail. It is encyclopedic.
4. Neutral: It represents viewpoints fairly and without bias.
5. Stable: It does not change significantly from day-to-day.
6. Illustrated: if possible and relevant, by images with acceptable copyright status, fair use rationales where necessary, and succinct captions.

In turn, good articles are eligible for being submitted as candidates for FA-Class (Featured Article) status.

To add this auto-updating template to your user page, use {{totd-tomorrow}}

Day-after-next's tip

This template {{Totd-day-after-next}} is for monitoring the tip queue two days in advance to make sure the tip is proofread before it goes live anywhere in the world:

Please proofread the daily tip before it goes "live"...

It's displayed below two days early, so it can be error-checked and made ready-to-display for all time zones.

Some tips are obsolete. So we need new tips too. Please share your best tips and tip ideas at the Tip of the day department.

edit Day-after-next's tip of the day...

How to reduce or enlarge font sizes

Editors should avoid manually inserting large and small font sizes into prose. Increased and decreased font size should primarily be produced through automated facilities such as headings or through carefully designed templates. Below is one list of font sizing templates that have been tested and are available if needed:

Font size templates
Code Size Semantics Result
{{small|text}} 85% <small> text
{{smaller|text}} 90% none text
{{resize|text}} 90% none text
{{midsize|text}} 92% none text
none 100% none text
{{larger|text}} 110% none text
{{big|text}} 120% <big> text
{{large|text}} 125% none text
{{huge|text}} 180% none text
{{resize|x%}} custom none varies
{{font|size=x%}} custom none varies

Example: {{big|Will make the text here larger}} renders as: Will make the text here larger

Also, works with Unicode and IPA. Example: {{big|{{unicode|ὡ}}}} renders as:

To put this chart on your User page for reference use: {{font size templates}}

To add this auto-updating template to your user page, use {{totd-day-after-next}}

Note: with {{totd-tomorrow}}, it isn't tomorrow for all time zones, and so it may have already gone live for part of the world before you've edited it.

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