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    • Sorry, please be aware that unregistered users cannot be granted permissions due to technical restrictions. Please create an account in order to request user account permissions.

      Administrator instructions

      See Wikipedia:Template editor#Guidelines for granting.

      Administrators use their own discretionary assessment of an editor's template contribution value, as well as the following general guidelines:

      1. The editor should be a registered Wikipedia user who has been editing for at least 1 year.
      2. The editor should have made at least 1,000 overall edits.
      3. The editor should have made at least 150 total edits to the Template and Module namespaces.
      4. The editor should have no behavioral blocks (including partial blocks) or 3RR violations for a span of 6 months prior to applying.

      Additionally, an editor should have demonstrated a need for the right, as well as a familiarity with the care and responsibility required when dealing with high-risk template modification:

      1. The editor should have worked on the sandbox version of at least three template-protected templates or modules.
      2. The editor should have requested and had successfully enacted at least five significant edits to template-protected templates or modules.

      The above items are merely guidelines. An administrator may choose to substitute other proofs of an editor's competence in handling high-risk template responsibilities.

      After giving out this user right, you may then wish to use the {{template editor granted}} template on the user's talk page.

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      For information on how to proceed, please read the FAQ for blocked users and the guideline on block appeals. The guide to appealing blocks may also be helpful.

      Other useful links: Blocking policy · Help:I have been blocked

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