Babban shafi

A tsallaka zuwa: Shawagi, nema
Hausa/هَوُسَا - Barka da zuwa!

Idan har kai bahaushe ne, kuma kana kwadayin taimakawa domin rubuta littafin bayanai a cikin harshen Hausa, to zaka iya taimakawa a nan. Zaka iya share wannan rubutu ka zana naka, ko karin bayani domin amfanin masu jin harshen Hausa.

This subdomain is reserved for the creation of a Wikipedia in the Hausa language, in which there are currently 1,648 articles. (To see what it could look like, you can look at the English Wikipedia, or if you want to use the Arabic script, compare the Arabic or Farsi Wikipedias.) For more information, go to the main website.

Idan ka so ƙirkira sabobin kasidu, za ka samu taimako cikin wannan shafin. If you want help in order to easily create articles (even if you don't speak Hausa fluently), please see this page. Si vous voulez contribuer à créer des articles facilement (même si vous ne parlez pas haoussa couramment), vous pouvez consulter cette page.

Idan ka so tallata wannan shirin, za ka iya karanta wannan shafin. If you're from a media and interested in more information on this project, you can read this page. Si vous travaillez pour un organe de presse et que vous souhaitez communiquer sur ce projet, vous pouvez consulter cette page.

Za ka iya rubuta game da:

Za ka iya rubuta game da wadannan batutuwa:

For extra Hausa characters, you can cut and paste from the following: Ɓ ɓ Ɗ ɗ Ƙ ƙ Ƴ ƴ (Latin; look at Bisharat for keyboards) or for Arabic, ڢ ڧ ڟ ٻ . Good luck!!!

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