Country Joe McDonald

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De Country Joe McDonald 2007

De Country Joe McDonald ass den 1. Januar 1942 zu Washington als Joseph McDonald gebuer. Hien ass en US-amerikanesche Folk- a Rocksänger.


  • Thinking Of Woody Guthrie (Vanguard Records 1969)
  • Tonight I'm Singing Just For You (Vanguard 1970)
  • Quiet Days In Clichy (Soundtrack) (Vanguard 1970)
  • Hold On It's Coming (Vanguard 1971)
  • War War War (Vanguard 1971)
  • Incredible! Live! (Vanguard 1972)
  • The Paris Sessions (Vanguard 1973)
  • Country Joe (Vanguard 1974)
  • Paradise With An Ocean View (Fantasy 1975)
  • Love Is A Fire (Fantasy 1976)
  • The Early Years (First American, 1977)
  • Goodbye Blues (Fantasy 1977)
  • Rock And Roll From Planet Earth (Fantasy 1978)
  • Leisure Suite (Fantasy 1979)
  • Collector's Items: The First Three EP's Plus (Rag Baby 1980)
  • On My Own (Rag Baby 1980)
  • Into The Fray (Rag Baby 1982)
  • Child's Play (Rag Baby 1983)
  • Animal Tracks (Rag Baby 1984)
  • Peace On Earth (Rag Baby 1984)
  • Vietnam Experience (Rag Baby 1986)
  • Classics - The Fantasy Years (Fantasy 1989)
  • The Best Of Country Joe McDonald – The Vanguard Years (Vanguard 1990)
  • Superstitious Blues (Rag Baby/Rykodisc 1991)
  • Carry On (Rag Baby/Shanachie Records 1994)
  • Something Borrowed, Something New (Rag Baby/Big Beat 1998)
  • Eat Flowers and Kiss Babies (mit The Bevis Frond) (Woronzov 1999)
  • (Rag Baby 2000)
  • I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Sing Some Songs And Tell Some Stories (Rag Baby 2000)
  • Thank The Nurse (4-Track-CD, Rag Baby 2002)
  • Crossing Borders (mam M.L.Liebler, 2002)
  • Live In Berkeley (mam The Country Joe Band, 2005)
  • Natural Imperfecions (mam Bernie Krause, 2005)

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