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गर्भाशयस्थित गर्भ, पाचव्या ते सहाव्या महिन्यादरम्यान

सस्तनी किंवा जरायुज पृष्ठवंशधारी प्राण्यांमधील गर्भधारणा ते जन्म यांदरम्यानची अवस्था म्हणजे गर्भ होय.


Stages in prenatal development, showing viability and point of 50% chance of survival at bottom. Weeks and months numbered by gestation.

Movements at a gestational age of 9 weeks
A human fetus, attached to placenta, at around twelve weeks after fertilization. Until around nine weeks after fertilization, this prenatal human would have been described as an embryo.

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