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Norfuk Ailen setl'd iyas en iyas agoe b' dem salan fram Nyuu Ziilan abaut 1300–1400 CE. Dem salan laas sam jenereshien on a' ailen.

T' fas Urupean to lan orn a' ailen was Kaptaan James Cook in 1774. Hii giiw a' niem Norf'k Ailen, afta a Dachess a' Norf'k.

Afta a' Fas Fliit setl'd a' Port Jakson, Lieutenant Philip Gidley King got to Norfuk on Maach 6, 1788. Dis konwikt setlment laas entil 1814. A' fas setlment s' cos a' Royal Naewi want a' moo-oo fram a' ailen. A setlment duu laas lorng, cos a' moo-oo no gude f' shep.

A' sekan konwikt setlment laas fram 1825-1855. Dieh setlment s' piinl setlment en em kondishans orn a ailen kaaduu. Em komandant s' behd. A' sekan setlment s' end en 1855 cos a' Yuunaited Kingd'm s' end transportieshan.

Norfuk Ailen s' setld bai em Pitkernas o' Juun 6, 1856. Dem Pitkernas s' desend fram a' myuutenias o' HMS Baunti. In 1914, a' ailen se enkluud i' Ostrielya esa ekstirnal teritrii.

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