Tala Fou

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'Talofa lava'. Talatalanoa mai i mea o lo'o tutupu i lo outou vaega o le kelope.

Hello. Talk about what is happening in your Sāmoan community wherever you are on the globe. Share any news, interesting Sāmoans and their achievements, church youth groups, womens groups, fathers changing roles, etc.

'Aua e te fefe e fa'ata'ita'i lau gagana Samoa. 'Ou te fiafia e fesoasoani atu ia te 'oe. Dont be afraid to practise your Samoan language here. I am happy to help you learn Samoan on this page.

If you want to begin a list of words that assist your understanding of matai (chiefly) language, just help by writing down simple phrases that you want to learn. For example:

'O ā mai 'oe ? - 'O fa'apēfea mai 'oe? = How are you? [1 person] 'O ā mai 'oulua? - 'O fa'apēfea mai 'oulua? = How are you? [2 people] 'O ā mai 'outou? - 'O fa'apēfea mai 'outou? = How are you? [3 + people]

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