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An2-choaN2-thak8 (Sou3-ji7 tiau7-ho7)如何讀 (Hôa-gí) – How to read (Eng-gí)

This article is a partial explanation of how to use the Min Nan Wikipedia. This introduction is appropriate for a hypothetical Min Nan Wikipedia reader. Please refer to the Wikipedia FAQ for general questions.

The Min Nan Wikipedia uses a Unicode font to display Pe̍h-oē-jī. Most browsers are able to display the Min Nan Wikipedia text. Recommended, and not recommended, browsers are listed below. Please feel free to add.

Recommended browsers

Mozilla Firefox 0.8, Windows XP.
Mozilla Firefox 0.9, Windows XP, in the experimental OpenType environment.


  • OSX
Safari 1.2 (v125) or later.
  • OS 9



Windows XP+SP2

IE, Windows XP+SP2.

other kinds of Windows

Not recommended


  • IE, all versions.


  • IE, all versions.

But what if I must use IE?

If you have to use IE, it is recommended that you set Wikipedia to use an appropriate font. Limkianhui recommends using Lucida Sans Unicode [5]. How to force Wikipedia to use the font you like.

IE6, Windows XP, force the browser to use the Lucida Sans Unicode font

Need to be tested




Many of the symbols needed by Pe̍h-oē-jī are quite common. There are several that are somewhat rare: n3, N3, m7 (?).

Most modern browsers have a way to used mixed fonts. If the font set by the web page does not contain a symbol, the browser has a way to find the appropriate symbol within another font. Unfortunately, IE does not have this feature.

The following is a list of fonts that are appropriate for the Min Nan Wikipedia.


  • Doulos SIL
  • Gentium
  • Code2000
  • Arial Unicode MS (lacks n3)
  • Lucida Sans Unicode (lacks n3)

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