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Please help update Template:Nowrap

I don't have access rights but in Template 英格蘭PFA足球先生 it doesn't wrap the content.

The english wiki page have a different implementation (and it works) so it would be nice if we can copy the code and move it to zh wiki page. Thank you very much. —以上未加入日期時間的留言是于2017年4月24日 (一) 08:42 (UTC)之前加入的。

@Winstonhyypia:Hey, nowrap is supposed to stop content wrapping. Can you explain why you are expecting it to wrap something? --Artoria2e5 讨论要完整回覆请用ping 2017年4月25日 (二) 14:51 (UTC)
@Artoria2e5:Sorry I think I said it wrongly. Yes I do expect that Nowrap template would wrap the content but it was not the case in 英格蘭PFA足球先生. The English wiki page changed the implementation to make sure that the template is working but the new implementation is not transferred to zh wiki page. I just hope the admin to deploy the changes from en wiki to zh wiki. Thank you very much Winston留言) 2017年4月26日 (三) 05:31 (UTC)
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