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Atsuko Kawada (川田 あつ子, Kawada Atsuko, born 10 August 1965 in Tokyo, Japan) is an actress, singer, essayist, and novelist. She works through the Last Scene talent management firm. She attended Meiji University Nakano Junior and Senior High School before transferring to Tokyo Municipal Yoyogi High School, where she graduated.

Brief biography

In 1981, Kawada making an impression in the Shueisha "Miss Young Jump" Grand Prix, she appeared as a regular on the popular TBS television show Tanokin Zenryoku Tokyu. She made her singing debut with Secret Orgel (秘密のオルゴール, Himitsu no Orugōru), released in 1982 by CBS Sony. The song was used in a commercial for House Foods. In that same year, she made her acting debut with the main heroine role in the TBS drama Ningen Banji Saiō ga Hinoe Uma (人間万事塞翁が丙午).

Kawada published her novel Rain: Nemurazaru Machi (RAIN~眠らざる街~) through Kosaidō in 1996, and the novel was made into a film later that year. In 1999, she married one of her fans, Yūrei Yanagi. She then released two self-produced photo books which featured nude images of herself in 2000. In recent years, she has worked with her husband producing short films.

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