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Jafar Najafi - Persian filmmaker

Jafar Najafi (Persian: جعفر نجفی) is a documentary maker and photographer. His film Asho is the winner of the IDFA Award for Best Children’s Documentary in 2019.[1]

Early life

Jafar Najafi was born in 1986 in Koohrang and studied cinema at Art University of Tehran.[citation needed]


He started his work with directing short films and his first serious work 'Asho' won the Best Children’s Documentary Award from the 2019 edition of the International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam (IDFA).[2][3] Asho subsequently was screened at various festivals around the world including Thessaloniki Documentary Festival[4] and International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film.[5]

In 2021 Najafi's "Make-Up Artist" was nominated for IDFA's Best First Feature Award.[6] The film explores the social issues in the Bakhtiari region of Persia.[7] It also won an award at Yamagata International Festival.[2]


  • 2019 - Asho
  • 2021 - The Make-up Artist


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