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Hi, I'm Jimmy. My interests include animal rights, economics, films, music, and most sports. At present am located in the highlands of Scotland.

Link rot

As the average duration of a web page is only 100 days it's a good idea to make sure web references are archived. Personally I archive at both and because some pages can only be saved on one of them. Also, obeys robotext retrospectively whereas does not. When trying to recover dead links, if nothing is found at it's worth trying There are other archive sites such as WebCite.

The Internet Archive Management Interface allows multiple urls to be archived on the wayback machine in one click. I recommend ticking the box for all non dead refs to be archived as this future-proofs the references (apart from robotext). The results need to be checked for mistakes. Signing up to the interface is required.

Infobox images

Infobox images have a different, simplified format to other images in articles. For example instead of [[File:Whitehouse22.jpg|thumb|White House], which produces an infobox image that is malformed, the infobox format is as follows:


|caption=White House

This is explained in more detail at Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Infoboxes#Images

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