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JoinedJuly 5, 2013 (my first edit came before that)
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Hi, I'm Paul! I joined Wikipedia in 2013 after having experience with an internal MediaWiki site for an organization I worked for (it's worth noting that I'm happy to chat about why your organization or company should use a wiki as their intranet site/for internal documentation).

I try and save a copy of references that I add or edit when they are not/cannot be archived by The Internet Archive,, WebCite, (a.k.a., and/or If you are in search of such a reference that I've cited/updated/etc. and cannot find it in one of these fantastic archival databases, let me know.

My preferred gender pronouns are he/him/his, though you are welcome to refer to me using they/them pronouns. Why pronouns matter.

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fixed [[:Category:CS1 maint: unrecognized language|unrecognized language error]]

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See articles I've created, etc. @ User:Paul2520/contributions


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I tend to empathize with User:Geo Swan/opinions/If you are considering initiating an xfd on material I started.

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