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Hello, I am The Film Creator. I am a cinephile whose goal is to create Wikipedia articles about movies and people associated in the film industry.

I admit I used to contribute to Wikipedia under the account User:Hitcher vs. Candyman. I have retired from that account and created this one to make a clean or fresh start.

Articles I created


Agnes (film), Anthem of a Teenage Prophet, Beast Mode (film), Bernie the Dolphin, Bernie the Dolphin 2, Best Summer Ever, Blackjack: The Jackie Ryan Story, Brahmin Bulls, Butcher's Crossing (film), Buttwhistle, The Changed, Charlie Zone, Charming the Hearts of Men, Childhood's End (film), Chocolate Lizards, Chu and Blossom, Clean (2021 film), The Cosmic Eye, Death of a Telemarketer, Double Edge (1992 film), Dr. Bird's Advice for Sad Poets, Easy Living (2017 film), Electric Jesus, Foxhole (film), The Happy House, Hard Traveling, The Hard Truth, Insight (2021 film), Land of Dreams (2021 film), The Last Champion, Last Shoot Out, The Lockdown Hauntings, Mad Women, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On (2021 film), Miles from Home (2006 film), The Most Dangerous Game (upcoming film), Most Guys Are Losers, Never Saw It Coming, Night of the Animated Dead, No Future (film), Off Jackson Avenue, The Old Way, One Shot (2021 film), Pep (film), Poser (film), Pretend We're Kissing, Pursuit (2022 film), Rainy Day Friends, Remember Me (2016 film), Reminisce (film), Retribution (upcoming film), Robots (upcoming film), Rushed, Section Eight (film), Shattered (2022 film), Silo (film), Sky Sharks, Survive the Game, This Is Not a War Story, Topside (film), Train to Zakopané, Treading Water (2013 film), Triumph (2021 film), Twelve Thirty (film), Tyson's Run, An Unremarkable Life, Welcome Matt, What Josiah Saw, Where All Light Tends to Go, Zero Contact


Richard Alan Greenberg, Jon Kilik, Madalen Mills, Christian Sesma, Paul Sloan, Stephen Verona

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