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I try to be concise but sometimes my writing tends to be verrrryyyy long since I care a lot about details and specifics. Since that's the case, I'll keep this short:

My interests lie in games, technology, and anything art-related. I want to help close the content gender gap on Wikipedia by focusing on and contributing to articles about women and non-binary individuals and their works.

You may also find me editing articles about children's book authors and illustrators, since that's been my recent obsession.

Also, accessibility is important. If you haven't already, read through Wikipedia's Manual of Style for Accessibility.

The problem areas I see most are: bulleted lists and indents on talk pages, color & color contrast in user pages, captions and alternative text on article images, and section headings on articles.

All my edits are made in good faith. Please feel free to point out if I've made a mistake.

Keep humble, and keep on keeping on!

Resources (+ places to be and people to see)

Quick Editing & Wiki Resources


Writing About Women Resources

Tasks to be done, & discussions to be joined

Work (+ past, present and future)

Pages I've Started or Helped Create

  1. Caper in the Castro, LGBT video game
  2. Pank-a-Squith, suffragette board game
  3. E. Jane, new media artist
  4. Tatyana Mavrina, illustrator
  5. Lena Anderson, children's book illustrator
  6. Eva Lindström, children's book illustrator
  7. Bonnie Shemie, children's book author & illustrator
  8. Marie Conway Oemler, author
  9. Barbara Haber, culinary historian
  10. Haru Nemuri, singer-songwriter & rapper
  11. Sly, Slick and Wicked (Cleveland band), R&B band
  12. Sarah Andersen, cartoonist & illustrator
  13. List of black photographers
  14. Mariane Ibrahim, art dealer
  15. Lendita Zeqiraj, film director (stub)
  16. Saadia Faruqi, author
  17. Robert Houston (photographer)
  18. Tamayo Kawamoto, early video game composer
  19. Joyce Begay-Foss, weaver, curator, educator
  20. Eva Roe Gaggin, children's book author
  21. Ellen Oh, author & non-profit co-founder
  22. LeUyen Pham, children's book author & illustrator
  23. Nicola Bayley, children's book illustrator & author
  24. Storm Saulter, film director
  25. The Empire Strikes Back: A Posttranssexual Manifesto, essay
  26. Angela Barrett, illustrator & artist
  27. Oge Mora, children's book illustrator & writer
  28. Tom Southern, stage and film actor
  29. Keiko Kasza, children's book author & illustrator
  30. Vee Guthrie, children's book & cookbook illustrator
  31. Devin Allen, photographer
  32. Lauren Castillo, children's book author & illustrator (stub)
  33. Juanita Pitts, tap dancer
  34. World Championship Hoop Dance Contest
  35. Molly Idle, children's book author & illustrator
  36. List of women botanical illustrators
  37. Cherry Bombe, magazine & media company
  38. Violet Holden, artist and book illustrator
  39. Leo Feodoroff, opera impresario, singer and actor
  40. Bankroll Freddie, rapper
  41. Olly Oakley, banjoist
  42. Blerta Zeqiri, film director
  43. Beulah Melvin Allen, doctor
  44. Laura Shovan, author and poet
  45. Albert Alexander Smith, artist
  46. Howling Dogs, interactive fiction game
  47. Irmengarde Eberle, children's book author
  48. Sihasin, band
  49. Adrienne Moore Bond, poet and author
  50. Hipster Runoff, blog
  51. George Caldwell Granberry, Mississippi legislator and postmaster
  52. Emilie Buchwald, editor and author
  53. Ashley Lukashevsky, visual artist & illustrator
  54. Just Because, musical
  55. Jane Breskin Zalben, children's book author and illustrator
  56. Edward Hill (Mississippi politician) and postmaster
  57. Danielle Agami, choreographer
  58. Annette Westbay, actress and playwright
  59. Lizbeth B. Humphrey, illustrator
  60. Sijtje Aafjes, artist and illustrator
  61. Grete Waldau, painter
  62. Agi Lamm, illustrator
  63. Ozioma Akagha, actor and voice actor
  64. Elizabeth Hodgson, botanist and geologist
  65. Carrie W. Colburn, actor and playwright
  66. Louisa Bernie Gallaher, scientific photographer
  67. Anna Carey, writer

Currently Working On

Feel free to contribute to any of the drafts below! (The numbered links are reliable sources on each topic.)

pages to create
pages to improve

This includes content I would like to improve on or add to:

pages to wait

This includes subjects with questionable notability that I would like to make a page for (if/once subject is notable enough):

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