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Named after a Babylon 5 character.



On Editing

I enjoy the Wikipedia project, there is a sort of stigma about people who keep mostly to talk pages and project discussions and who contribute less to actual articles, but there's reasons for that. First and foremost, I just cannot write good prose. Writing things like this is fine, it is my own thoughts on my own opinions. But something just happens when I set to write on a subject. The sentences become short and choppy, the flow is terrible, and I'll nitpick it to death until just quitting and deleting. What little I have contributed to articles is mostly short, or the product of from very long and deliberate session where I actually was able to get something down in words. Call it a permanent writer's block, some kind of attention deficit thing, who knows. So I choose to at least be an "editor" in the classics sense, of curating others' words and discussion what should or should not appear in an article.

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